Windows XP Services Guide

Windows XP Services Guide

To access the service configuration:

A service has 3 basic startup states :

  • Disabled : The service will not be loaded (Some programs stops working, won’t take memory, and quick boot time)
  • Manual : The service will be loaded on demand (Slow program start, will take memory when needed, and quick boot time)
  • Automatic : The service is loaded at boot time (Fast program start, will take memory, and slow boot time)

Explanation of recommendations:

  • Recommended: For users who prefers things safe and easy
  • Trimmed: For users who prefers only to have the most necessary started at the expense of manual maintenance and backup

Comments for recommendations (* = Recommendation divert from “default” state):

  • Lock: Increases security by disabling vulnerable features.
  • Trim: Lessens CPU/RAM usage on the expense of loosing special features.
  • Care: Enables Windows Self Maintenance, so it can take better care of it self.
  • DUN (Dial Up Networking): Enables Internet access through a dialup connection like Phone-, ISDN-, Cable- modem (internal or external).
  • Net (Network): Enables Internet access and filesharing via the network adapter to a hub, switch, router or another machine. The network is a simple one at home, without Domain Controller, Virtual Private Network or Internet Connection Sharing.

Select recommendation:

Service Default Recommended Trimmed
Alerter Manual Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
Application Layer Gateway Manual Manual (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Application Management Manual Manual Manual
Automatic Updates Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Background Intelligent Transfer Manual Manual (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Clipbook Manual Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
Computer Browser Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
COM+ Event System Manual Manual Manual
COM+ System Application Manual Manual Manual
Cryptographic Services Automatic Automatic Automatic
DCOM Server Process Launcher Automatic Automatic Automatic
DHCP Client Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
Distributed Link Tracking Client Automatic Disabled *(Trim) Disabled *(Trim)
Distributed Transaction Coordinator Manual Manual Manual
DNS Client Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
Error Reporting Service Automatic Disabled *(Trim) Disabled *(Trim)
Event Log Automatic Automatic Automatic
Extensible Authentication Protocol Manual Manual Manual
Fast User Switching Compatibility Manual Disabled *(Trim) Disabled *(Trim)
Fax Service Manual Manual Manual
Health Key and Certificate Management Manual Manual Manual
Help and Support Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
HTTP SSL Manual Manual Manual
Human Interface Device Access Manual Manual Disabled *(Trim)
IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service Manual Manual Disabled *(Trim)
Indexing Service Manual Disabled *(Trim) Disabled *(Trim)
IPSEC Services Automatic Manual *(Trim) Manual *(Trim)
Logical Disk Manager Automatic Automatic Automatic
Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service Manual Manual Manual
Messenger Automatic Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
MS Software Shadow Copy Provider Manual Manual Manual
NET Logon Manual Manual Manual
Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing Manual Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
Network Access Protection Agent Manual Manual Manual
Network Connections Manual Manual Manual
Network DDE Manual Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
Network DDE DSDM Manual Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
Network Location Awareness Manual Manual Manual
Network Provisioning Service Manual Manual Manual
NT LM Security Support Provider Manual Manual Manual
Performance Logs and Alerts Manual Manual Manual
Plug and Play Automatic Automatic Automatic
Portable Media Serial Number Service Manual Manual Manual
Print Spooler Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
Protected Storage Automatic Automatic Automatic
QoS RSVP Manual Manual Manual
Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Manual Manual (DUN) Disabled *
Remote Access Connection Manager Manual Manual (DUN) Disabled *
Remote Desktop Help Session Manager Manual Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Automatic Automatic Automatic
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator Manual Manual Manual
Remote Registry Service Automatic Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
Removable Storage Manual Manual Manual
Routing and Remote Access Manual Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
Secondary Logon Automatic Manual *(Trim) Manual *(Trim)
Security Accounts Manager Automatic Automatic Automatic
Security Center Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Server Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
Shell Hardware Detection Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
Smart Card Manual Manual Manual
Smart Card Helper Manual Manual Manual
SSDP Discovery Service Manual Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
System Event Notification Automatic Automatic Automatic
System Restore Service Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Task Scheduler Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Service Automatic Disabled *(Trim) Disabled *(Trim)
Telephony Manual Manual (DUN) Disabled *(Trim)
Telnet Manual Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
Terminal Services Manual Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
Themes Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
Uninterruptible Power Supply Manual Manual Manual
Upload Manager Manual Manual Manual
Universal Plug and Play Device Host Manual Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
Volume Shadow Copy Manual Manual Manual
WebClient Automatic Disabled *(Trim) Disabled *(Trim)
Windows Audio Automatic Automatic Automatic
Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Manual Manual Disabled *(Trim)
Windows Installer Manual Manual Manual
Windows Management Instrumentation Automatic Automatic Automatic
Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extentions Manual Manual Manual
Windows Time Automatic Disabled *(Trim) Disabled *(Trim)
Wired AutoConfig Manual Manual Manual
Wireless Zero Configuration Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
WMI Performance Adapter Manual Manual Manual
Workstation Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
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