System Event Notification


System Event Notification Service(SENS) tracks system events such as Windows logon, network, and power events. Notifies COM+ Event System subscribers of these events.

If disabling the service it will have the following effects:

  • A warning is posted in the Event Log at every boot.
  • Win32 APIs IsNetworkAlive() and IsDestinationReachable() will not work. These are mostly used by mobile applications and on portable computers.
  • SENS interfaces will not work properly. In particular, SENS’ Logon/Logoff notifications will not work.
  • SyncMgr (Mobsync.exe) will not work properly (Offline Files/Folders). This depends on connectivity information and Network Connect/Disconnect and Logon/Logoff notifications from SENS.
  • COM+ Event System will try to notify the SENS of events, but will fail.
  • Automatic.
Default State:
  • Automatic
Process Name: