Windows Update / Automatic Updates


Enables automatic monitoring, download and installation of critical Windows updates. If the service is disabled the operating system can still be updated manually.

Note if wanting to disable this service one should first turn off the Automatic Updating feature:

  • Win2k SP3+: Control Panel -> Automatic Updates-applet.
  • WinXP/Win2k3: Right click My Computer, select Properties and go to Automatic Updates-tab.

Note after WinXP SP2 one cannot use the Start-Menu shortcut (WUpdMgr.exe) without having this service running, but the direct URL still works.

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More Info MS KB283629
More Info MS KB294871
More Info MS KB306525
More Info MS KB327838
More Info MS KB327850

  • Automatic, if you don’t want the hassle of keeping an eye on Windows.
  • Disabled, if you are manually monitoring when Microsoft issues updates for your Windows version.
Default State:
  • Automatic
  • Vista/Win7: Automatic (Delayed Start)
Proces name:
  • none