Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

The service provides the endpoint mapper and other miscellaneous RPC services.

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a protocol used by the Windows operating system. RPC provides an inter-process communication mechanism that allows a program running on one computer to seamlessly execute code on a remote system. The protocol itself is derived from the Open Software Foundation (OSF) RPC protocol, but with the addition of some Microsoft specific extensions. By default this service accepts connections at TCP port 135.

Note if by accident having configured the service to be Disabled, then one have to boot in safemode and and set the service to Automatic. If the service applet doesn't work one can either do it through the registry or with Msconfig

Note to configure the behavior and access to this service run this command:


More Info MS KB825750

Note when the RPC service fails to contact a remote computer / server / domain (ex. not able to resolve DNS name, not able to ping IP address, not having a working TCPIP stack, not having the proper trust relations, all resources on the remote computer are used up), then one might get the following error:

The RPC Server is Unavailable

More Info MS KB224370

More Info MS KB154596
More Info MS KB171307
More Info MS KB229702
More Info MS KB825819
More Info MS KB826382

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Recommended State:
  • Automatic, vital part
Default State:
  • Automatic
Process Name:
  • Everything


  1. Fate Aki says:

    Heres the problem. I disabled RPC, (Please don't ask why. I'm still doing that :/ ), and updated some of MS W2K critical patches.

    None of the services that have stopped are able to restart. I tried to restart RPC following your instructions for the Registry. It shows as Auto, but not started and wil not start.

    Net commands to services come up with error you discribed in Wbem. I attempted to follow the instructions you gave to restart that service using NET commands. They worked until I tried to Net Stop wmgmt and recieved an error msg that the service is not started.

    I would appreciate some assistance. I'm not computer disfuntional. I have a degree in Networking, but the Registry is something I need to learn more of. Especially before I go messing with it again.

  2. Mike says:

    You have a degree in "networking" and "Need" to learn more about about the registry?

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