Security Center


Monitors the health of the system by checking if proper firewall, antivirus, automatic-update policies are in place and working. More Info MS KB883792

Note the Security Center provides different security warnings using balloon tips, and they can be turned off through the Security Center interface. But one can also do it by setting these DWORD values:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Security Center]
AntiVirusOverride = 1 (0 = Antivirus monitoring)
AntiSpywareOverride = 1 (0 = Anti Spyware monitoring
FirewallOverride = 1 (0 = Firewall monitoring)

Related Disable Balloon Tips

Note Security Center also functions as Windows Security Health Validator (WSHA) used by the Network Access Protection Agent. It can provide the following health information:

  • Firewall is enabled
  • Antivirus is enabled and up-to-date
  • Antispyware is enabled and up-to-date
  • Automatic Updates is enabled
  • Security updates are up-to-date

Note if the WMI Repository is corrupted, then the Security Center might report problems that aren’t true or other outdated / misleading information.

  • Disabled.
Default State:
  • Win8/Win7/Vista: Automatic (Delayed Start).
  • WinXP SP2: Automatic.
Process Name:
  • None