Network Access Protection Agent


Enables Network Access Protection (NAP) functionality on client computers.

NAP makes it possible to specify health policies, that ensures client computers doesn’t get access to the trusted network unless they satisfy the wanted security levels. This can be used for laptop computers that might have been connected to insecure hotspots or similar before connecting to the corporate network.

Note depending on which System Health Validators (SHVs) are used in the health policies, the client System Health Agents (SHAs) may need different operating system components. For example Security Center must be enabled to use Microsoft’s Windows Security Health Validator (WSHV).

Note Windows Vista/2008 includes a NAP Client Configuration MMC (napclcfg.msc), but WinXP SP3 only has the netsh tool available:

netsh nap client set enforcement ID = <id> Admin = “Enable”

Where <id> can be:

  • DHCP = 79617
  • RAS = 79618
  • IPSec = 79619
  • TS Gateway = 79621
  • EAP = 79623

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