Distributed Transaction Coordinator


Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) coordinates transactions that are distributed across two or more databases, message queues, file systems, or other transaction protected resource managers.
The service listens on TCP port 3372 along with a ephemeral TCP port (Above 1023).

Note one can disable the mutual authentication between the DTC services on different computers (In case the two computers are not on the same domain):


More Info MS KB827805
More Info MS KB555017

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  • Manual, if on a simple home network.
Default State:
  • Win8/Win7/Vista: Manual.
  • Win2k3: Automatic.
  • WinXP: Manual.
  • Win2k Srv.: Automatic.
  • Win2k Pro.: Manual.
Process Name:
  • msdtc.exe (MSDTC)
  • None