Removable Storage Manager (RSM)


Manages removable media, drives, and libraries.

This is not needed for CD\DVD\Floppy drives, but is intended for Tape drives.

Note if having set this service to Manual or Disabled and starting Ntbackup, then a warning will popup about “Removable storage not running”. This is only means that Ntbackup will not be able to access any tape-drives for backup/restore of files.

Note if the Removable Storage database have become corrupted, then this service will fail to respond. This will cause applications like Ntbackup to hang and not load properly. To clear the database, make a backup of the contents in this folder and then empty the folder:


More Info MS KB235032
More Info MS KB248800
More Info MS KB316500

More Info MS KB226932
More Info MS KB235032
More Info MS KB240856
More Info MS KB250468

  • Manual, if not using tape drives.
Default State:
  • Win2k Srv.: Automatic
  • WinXP: Manual
  • Win2k3: Manual
Process Name:
  • None