Fast User Switching Compatibility

Allows several users to be simultaneously logged locally on the same machine, and then switch between each of these user's sessions.
The service is only started when a second user logs on to the machine.

To configure Fast User Switching go to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> "Change the way users log on or off".

Note Fast User Switching is only available when in a workgroup (Not when part of a domain), and it requires that Welcome Screen and Terminal Services are enabled.

Note the Fast User Switching can consume a lot of memory and CPU power, if one switches between users without closing down the open applications. Making the computer slow to work with.

More Info MS KB Q279765
More Info MS KB Q279782
More Info MS KB Q290249
More Info MS KB Q294739
More Info MS KB Q294855
More Info MS KB Q312058
More Info MS KB Q322861
More Info MS KB Q331841

Recommended State:
  • Manual, and it will only be activated when a fast user switch is requested.
Default State:
  • Manual.
Process Name:
  • None

Updated: 23 September 2007

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