Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)


Provides image acquisition services for scanners & cameras. It is used for transferring the pictures from a camera or scanner to the computer.

WIA is an attempt to make it easier for camera and scanner developers to write drivers, as it was rather difficult within WIA has its own API for extracting pictures, but it also includes a TWAIN compatibility layer.

Note Windows Vista (and XP SP2) comes with WIA ver. 2.0 which brings new features, but also breaks compatibility with devices and drivers using WIA ver. 1.0. Vista now uses the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) which is part of the Windows Portable Devices (WPD) standard for transfering pictures instead of WIA. More Info MS KB927836

More Info MS KB307001
More Info MS KB819017
More Info MS KB823612

  • Manual, if using digital camera or scanners.
  • Disabled, if not wanting the service to interfere in startup detection or when browsing My Computer.
Default State:
  • WinXP: Manual.
  • Win2k3: Disabled.
  • Vista/Win7: Manual.
Process Name:
  • None