Human Interface Device Access / HID Input Service


Provides a generic interface to Human Interface Devices (HID) like keyboard, mouse and joystick for accessing, configuring and maintaining hotkeys.

This service can become important if fx. having a keyboard with extra buttons/hotkeys for controlling sound volume, or if using USB Speakers.

Note the service will be installed automatically if it detects a device which needs the service, but some times it fails. If getting the error below when starting the service, then one have to open the archive <install-cd>\i368\ and extract the following files to %SystemRoot%\System32: - hidserv.dll

  • mouhid.sys
  • mouclass.sys

*Event ID: 7023

Could not start the Human Interface Device Access service on Local Computer.
Error 126: the specified module could not be found.*

  • Disabled, if not using keyboards/mouse/joysticks extended with extra buttons that need mapping.
  • Manual, if having many buttons to push.
Default State:
  • Win8: Manual (Trigger Start - DEVICE INTERFACE ARRIVAL)
  • Win7: Manual
  • Vista: Automatic
  • Win2k: Automatic
  • WinXP: Manual
  • WinXP SP1/Win2k3: Disabled
Process Name:
  • None