Human Interface Device Access / HID Input Service

Provides a generic interface to Human Interface Devices (HID) like keyboard, mouse and joystick for accessing, configuring and maintaining hotkeys.

This service can become important if fx. having a keyboard with extra buttons/hotkeys for controlling sound volume, or if using USB Speakers.

Note the service will be installed automatically if it detects a device which needs the service, but some times it fails. If getting the error below when starting the service, then one have to open the archive <install-cd>\i368\ and extract the following files to %SystemRoot%\System32:
  • hidserv.dll
  • mouhid.sys
  • mouclass.sys

Event ID: 7023

Could not start the Human Interface Device Access service on Local Computer.
Error 126: the specified module could not be found.

Recommended State:
  • Disabled, if not using keyboards/mouse/joysticks extended with extra buttons that need mapping.
  • Manual, if having many buttons to push.
Default State:
  • Win8: Manual (Trigger Start - DEVICE INTERFACE ARRIVAL)
  • Win7: Manual
  • Vista: Automatic
  • Win2k: Automatic
  • WinXP: Manual
  • WinXP SP1/Win2k3: Disabled
Process Name:
  • None


  1. Jono says:

    Thanks! I was having a problem with Human Interface Access Device Error 126 (event id 7023) and this solved it!

    Thanks again.

  2. matt says:

    i have the same problem with my hid but i dont know how to open the archive pls help me

  3. Snakefoot says:

    If Windows doesn't recognize .cab files as a compressed file, then you can install a compression utility like 7Zip

  4. sabira says:

    I agree with matt, i do not know how to open the archive. i do have the human interface device problem

  5. Antman says:

    To expand files from a dos prompt in the directory you want to replace the files ei c:\windows\system32 type the following command exactly:

    expand hidserv.in_ hidserv.ini

    computer should then say: " Expanding hidserv.in_ to hidserv.ini
    " hidserv.in_ : 1260 bytes expanded to 4433 bytes, 251% increase.

    Perform this action for the other files

  6. little guy says:

    thanks this worked perfectly, i was running xp sp3 32bit, extracting those files to system32 service now works and recognized my controller, thanks!

  7. Jordan says:

    you are a genius man thanks allot :)

  8. Radhakanta says:

    Hi, I have a same device, which is not working in XP. I tried to start the same but it's showing error 126. the system could not find this module

  9. Confused says:

    I needs some help.

    I am looking to use my cellphone as a remote control on my pc. the only problem i have is that on my laptop, compaq

  10. Confused says:


    finger error. looking to use my cellphone as remote controller on my laptop, compaq 6710b. problem is my laptop has set my HID to not required and the option to change to secure connection is grey'd out.

    any ideas on how to set up?

  11. Norbert says:

    Could someone simply offer the files for download so that would solve a lot of headaches of those who do not know how to expand windows cab files?

  12. david says:

    my computer doesnt have a human interface device, why?

  13. gerry says:

    hi, i have an hp pavilion d v 6000 c t o, how do i make my window media remote control to work on to enable it it says manual not automatic in detecting it , how do you turn it on to automatic, need help...........

  14. gerry says:

    hi, you have to download it, search for your computer website,

  15. gerry says:

    hi, you have to search for driver synchronize driver for your laptop and the cell phone,,,

  16. Muzammil Fakih says:

    Thanks a ton, copied those 3 files and my issue resolved with logitech K200!! :)

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