Plug and Play


Enables automatic detection, installation and activation of new PnP devices attached to the computer.

Note if this service is not running properly, then the Device Manager will be empty with no items listed:

  • Make sure the service is set to Automatic. More Info MS KB311504
  • Make sure that SYSTEM has Full Control over the following registry key (Use Regedt32.exe):

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE /SYSTEM /CurrenControlSet /Enum]

  • Make sure that service is not hampered by malware/spyware/virus like Apropos.C

Note in WinNT4 this service only provided some wannabe PnP, which mostly works when installing dialup modems.

  • Win8: Manual
  • Win7\Vista\WinXP\Win2k\WinNT4: Automatic
Default State:
  • Win8: Manual
  • Win7\Vista\WinXP\Win2k\WinNT4: Automatic
Process Name:
  • None