Is used to send/show messages and alerts on the local machine or to remote machines.

It has lately been used by spammers to send popup messages with advertising to internet users who doesn’t have this service disabled or haven’t enabled a firewall.

Note this service should not be confused with Windows Live Messenger (Replaces Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger). Disabling this service will not affect the operation of these Instant Messaging (IM) applications.

Note the service might not start in the following situations:

  • If the network bindings between protocols and network adapter are screwed. Uninstall and reinstall the protocols and check the bindings.
  • If the service detects another computer with the same name, can be caused by not being registered properly in the WINS, DNS server
  • If there is a mismatch between binaries, can be fixed by reinstalling the service pack

More Info MS KB101355
More Info MS KB137143
More Info MS KB168893
More Info MS KB330117
More Info MS KB330904

  • Disabled, for security measures.
  • Automatic, if fallen in love with the NET SEND command.
Default State:
  • WinNT4/2k/Xp: Automatic.
  • WinXP SP2: Disabled.
  • Win2k3: Disabled.
Process Name:
  • None