Windows Vista Services Guide

Windows Vista Services Guide

To access the service configuration:

A service has 3 basic startup states :

  • Disabled : The service will not be loaded (Some programs stops working, won’t take memory, and quick boot time)
  • Manual : The service will be loaded on demand (Slow program start, will take memory when needed, and quick boot time)
  • Automatic : The service is loaded at boot time (Fast program start, will take memory, and slow boot time)

Explanation of recommendations:

  • Recommended: For users who prefers things safe and easy
  • Trimmed: For users who prefers only to have the most necessary started at the expense of manual maintenance and backup

Comments for recommendations (* = Recommendation divert from “default” state):

  • Lock: Increases security by disabling vulnerable features.
  • Trim: Lessens CPU/RAM usage on the expense of loosing special features.
  • Care: Enables Windows Self Maintenance, so it can take better care of it self.
  • DUN (Dial Up Networking): Enables Internet access through a dialup connection like Phone-, ISDN-, Cable- modem (internal or external).
  • Net (Network): Enables Internet access and filesharing via the network adapter to a hub, switch, router or another machine. The network is a simple one at home, without Domain Controller, Virtual Private Network or Internet Connection Sharing.

Select recommendation:

Service Default Recommended Trimmed
Application Experience Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Application Information Manual Manual Manual
Application Layer Gateway Service Manual Manual (Net) Manual
Application Management Manual Manual Manual
Background Intelligent Transfer Service Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Base Filtering Engine Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Block Level Backup Engine Service Manual Manual Manual
Certificate Propagation Manual Manual Manual
CNG Key Isolation Manual Manual Manual
COM+ Event System Automatic Automatic Automatic
COM+ System Application Manual Manual Manual
Computer Browser Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
Cryptographic Services Automatic Automatic Automatic
DCOM Server Process Launcher Automatic Automatic Automatic
Desktop Window Manager Session Manager Automatic Automatic Automatic (Trim)
DFS Replication Manual Manual Manual
DHCP Client Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
Diagnostic Policy Service Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Diagnostic Service Host Manual Manual Disabled *(Trim)
Diagnostic System Host Manual Manual Disabled *(Trim)
Distributed Link Tracking Client Automatic Disabled *(Trim) Disabled *(Trim)
Distributed Transaction Coordinator Manual Manual Manual
DNS Client Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
Extensible Authentication Protocol Manual Manual (Net) Manual
Fax Manual Manual Manual
Function Discovery Provider Host Manual Manual Disabled *(Trim)
Function Discovery Resource Publication Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
Group Policy Client Automatic Automatic Automatic
Health Key and Certificate Management Manual Manual (Net) Manual
Human Interface Device Access Automatic Automatic Manual *(Trim)
IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
Interactive Services Detection Manual Manual Manual
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Disabled Disabled Disabled
IP Helper Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
IPsec Policy Agent Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
KtmRm for Distributed Transaction Coordinator Automatic Automatic Automatic
Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper Manual Manual (Net) Manual
Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN Manual Manual Manual
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service Manual Manual Manual
Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider Manual Manual Manual
Multimedia Class Scheduler Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service Disabled Disabled Disabled
Netlogon Manual Manual (Net) Manual
Network Access Protection Agent Manual Manual (Net) Manual
Network Connections Manual Manual (Net) Manual
Network List Service Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
Network Location Awareness Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
Network Store Interface Service Automatic Automatic (Net) Automatic
Offline Files Automatic Disabled *(Trim) Disabled *(Trim)
Parental Controls Manual Manual Manual
Peer Name Resolution Protocol Manual Manual (Net) Manual
Peer Networking Grouping Manual Manual (Net) Manual
Peer Networking Identity Manager Manual Manual (Net) Manual
Performance Logs & Alerts Manual Manual Manual
Plug and Play Automatic Automatic Automatic
PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator Manual Manual (Net) Manual
PNRP Machine Name Publication Service Manual Manual (Net) Manual
Portable Device Enumerator Service Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
Print Spooler Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support Manual Manual Manual
Program Compatibility Assistant Service Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Protected Storage Manual Manual Manual
Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Manual Manual Manual
ReadyBoost Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Manual Manual (DUN) Manual
Remote Access Connection Manager Manual Manual (DUN) Manual
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Automatic Automatic Automatic
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator Manual Manual Manual
Remote Registry Manual Manual Manual
Routing and Remote Access Disabled Disabled Disabled
Secondary Logon Automatic Automatic Manual *(Trim)
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service Manual Manual Manual
Security Accounts Manager Automatic Automatic Automatic
Security Center Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Server Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
Shell Hardware Detection Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
SL UI Notification Service Manual Manual Manual
Smart Card Manual Manual Manual
Smart Card Removal Policy Manual Manual Manual
SNMP Trap Manual Manual Manual
Software Licensing Automatic Automatic Automatic
SSDP Discovery Manual Manual (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
Superfetch Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
System Event Notification Service Automatic Automatic Automatic
Tablet PC Input Service Automatic Disabled *(Trim) Disabled *(Trim)
Task Scheduler Automatic Automatic (Care) Automatic
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Automatic Disabled *(Trim) Disabled *(Trim)
Telephony Manual Manual (DUN) Disabled *(Trim)
Terminal Services Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
Terminal Services Configuration Manual Manual Manual
Terminal Services UserMode Port Redirector Manual Manual Manual
Themes Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
Thread Ordering Server Manual Manual Manual
TPM Base Services Manual Manual Manual
UPnP Device Host Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
User Profile Service Automatic Automatic Automatic
Virtual Disk Manual Manual Manual
Volume Shadow Copy Manual Manual Manual
WebClient Automatic Disabled *(Trim) Disabled *(Trim)
Windows Audio Automatic Automatic Automatic
Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Automatic Automatic Automatic
Windows Backup Manual Manual Manual
Windows CardSpace Manual Manual Manual
Windows Color System Manual Manual Manual
Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar Manual Manual (Net) Manual
Windows Defender Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework Manual Manual Manual
Windows Error Reporting Service Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Windows Event Collector Manual Manual Manual
Windows Event Log Automatic Automatic Automatic
Windows Firewall Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Manual Manual Disabled *(Trim)
Windows Installer Manual Manual Manual
Windows Management Instrumentation Automatic Automatic Automatic
Windows Media Center Extender Service Disabled Disabled Disabled
Windows Media Center Receiver Service Manual Manual Disabled *(Trim)
Windows Media Center Scheduler Service Manual Manual Disabled *(Trim)
Windows Media Center Service Launcher Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service Manual Manual Manual
Windows Modules Installer Manual Manual Manual
Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache Manual Manual Manual
Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) Manual Disabled *(Lock) Disabled *(Lock)
Windows Search Automatic Automatic Disabled *(Trim)
Windows Time Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
Windows Update Automatic Automatic (Care) Disabled *(Trim)
WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service Manual Manual Manual
Wired AutoConfig Manual Manual (Net) Manual
WLAN AutoConfig Manual Manual (Net) Manual
WMI Performance Adapter Manual Manual Manual
Workstation Automatic Automatic (Net) Disabled *(Trim)
ActiveX Installer (AxInstSV) Pending Pending Pending
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