Interactive Services Detection

Enables user notification of user input for interactive services, which enables access to dialogs created by interactive services when they appear. If this service is stopped, notifications of new interactive service dialogs will no longer function and there may no longer be access to interactive service dialogs. If this service is disabled, both notifications of and access to new interactive service dialogs will no longer function.

Since Windows Vista then all drivers and services are isolated in session 0, while other applications are executed in separate sessions (before everything was executed in session 0). If a service in session 0 displays a dialog box, then the interaction will go through this service to reach the user session. The next version of Windows will not include this service, and this service is merely for compatibility until the services are updated to use WTSSendMessage(). More Info MS WHDC.
Recommended state:
  • Manual
Default State:
  • Manual
Proces name:
  • UI0Detect.exe (UI0Detect)
  • none
  • none

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