Category: Utilities

Mount Ext2 / Ext3 linux partitions inside Windows

Access Linux Ext2 / Ext3 partitions inside Microsoft Windows.

Vista Transformation Pack

Give your good old Windows XP a visual facelift with the transformation pack.

Debugging Tools

Microsoft Windbg makes it possible to diagnose what caused a BSOD, so one can replace the device that caused it.

Unlocker can display and close open file handles

Unlocker displays the open file handles, when trying to delete or move a file which is used by another application.


Utility that can generate a wallpaper, which includes the computer system details.

PolicyMaker Registry Extension

Utility for creating group policy ADM files from registry files.

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

Security utility for checking if computer is infected with malware, and if so remove it.

Utilities to configure file associations in Windows Explorer

Utilities that makes it easier to modify the Windows Explorer context menu for the different filetypes.

Preinstalled Environment for emergency recovery

Create a cd-rom-, dvd- or usb-drive which Windows can boot from.

Synchronizing Images and Files with SyncToy

SyncToy is an utility by Microsoft which can make the manual task of synchronizing files a little easier.

Replace Microsoft JVM with Sun Java Runtime

Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (JVM) contains security flaws and should be uninstalled and replaced with the Sun Java Runtime.

Microsoft Scriptomatic

Scriptomatic makes it easy to extract system information through WMI using scripting.

Microsoft Tweakomatic

Tweakomatic will take over where group policies cannot handle it any longer.

Security Configuration Manager Tool

Display the security tab for controlling NTFS permissions in Windows XP Home without using safemode.

Monitor system performane and system health

CPU core temperature monitoring utilities, that can give alerts if things gets too hot.

Windows XP firewall log reader

Windows XP firewall log can be used to monitor those who are trying to access the computer.

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Utility for analyzing the computer configuration and alerts if any security issues are detected.

Windows Explorer file copy replacement

Enhance the file copy abilities of Windows Explorer


Advanced desktop enhancement engine that can gather all sorts of system details along with feeds from the Internet and place it all together on the desktop.

Backup and restore the Windows NT registry database

Before making changes to the registry database, then it can be a very good idea to make a backup first.

Reveal password hidden under asterisks

Utilities to recover lost passwords, which are only shown as asterisks.

File and Partition Recovery

Recover deleted or damaged files (and partitions) with undelete / unerase utilities.

Install an application as a Windows service

Running an application as a service allows the application to run without a user needing to login.

Extracting the cd key from the registry

Utilities for extracting the the cd-key from the registry database.

Microsoft IIS Lockdown Tool

IIS Lockdown is an utility by Microsoft for setting up Internet Information Server in a secure way.

Fix for Adaptec ASPI layer driver

Certain applications cannot detect the installed cdrom drives when using the Adaptec ASPI layer.

Windows XP boot visualizer to analyze the bootup phase

Microsoft created the tool bootvis for driver developers to see how their driver behaves during bootup.

Microsoft Network Diagnostics Tool for Windows NT

NetDiag is a command line utility created by Microsoft that can be used diagnose network problems between two computers.

Windows XP clear type tuner

ClearType font smoothing can improve how text is displayed in Windows XP.

Remote Desktop Client

Remote Desktop Client can take control of a remote computer running Microsoft Windows.

Windows Media Player Bonus Pack for Windows XP

Microsoft have created several extensions to its Windows Media Player for Windows XP.

Convert from Windows Workstation to Server Edition

Utilities that can change the configuration of a Windows installation so it becomes a server edition.

Netbrute monitors the network for available file shares

NetBrute by Raw Logic Software can scan the network and display computers which announce themselves on the network.

Media Player 8 extension for MP3 recording

To record audio as MP3 in Windows Media Player then one needs to buy a license for the MP3 codec.

Media Player 8 extension for DVD play

To play DVD's in Windows Media Player one needs to buy a license for the MPEG2 codec.

Windows virtual desktop management utilities

Virtual Desktop Manager utilities can give even more room on the Windows desktop.

Windows Shell Replacement

Alternative window shells that to change the desktop experience.

Make any window transparent

Utility that can enhance any window with the transparent glass effect.

XPInfo can display the hardware changes since activation

XPInfo was developed in the proces of trying to discover how Windows Product Activation works.

Windows XP setup boot floppy disks

Using floppy disks to perform the install of Windows XP.

Windows XP Power Toys

Power toys created by Microsoft to enhance Windows even more.

BootPart to add several boot partitions to boot.ini

Bootpart makes it easy to create the perfect multi-boot setup using the Windows NT boot manager.

DOS emulation in Windows NT

DOS box extensions for Windows NT to play the old DOS games one love so dearly.

Boot Manager

A boot manager can help with running multiple operating systems on the same machine.

QChain to install several hotfixes without restarting

QChain is created by Microsoft and allows several hotfixes to be chained together in a single install.

Qfecheck to list the hotfixes applied to the system

Qfecheck is a command line utility by Microsoft to list installed hotfixes.

Microsoft Office graphics filters for Mspaint

Microsoft Office graphic filters allows programs like Mspaint to work with formats like jpeg and gif.

Microsoft support tools and resource kits

Microsoft have created many utilities for management of the Windows NT operating system.

Password recovery utilities for Windows NT

Utilities for offline editing of the password files to change the password, or perform recovery of the lost password.