Security Configuration Manager Tool

Security Configuration Manager can be used in Windows XP Home, so it will show the Security Tab to configure NTFS permissions for files and folders even when not booting in safemode (WinXP Pro just have to disable Simple File Sharing).

To install the package:
  1. Download the x86 (Intel) version
  2. Double click the Scesp4i.exe and extract the contents to a temporary folder
  3. Go to the temporary folder and right click Setup.inf and select Install
  4. When the installation is completed reboot the computer
Note it is recommended to create a restore point before installing.

Note it is possible to disable the Security Tab using system policies (Remove Security tab) or with the registry (NoSecurityTab). More Info MS KB303153

Credits Gilles Pion


  1. fatty says:

    Does this work on drives formatted to fat 32.

  2. snakefoot says:

    Does this work on drives formatted to fat 32.

    Windows doesn't support access control to files on FAT32 partitions. There are some 3rd party tools that can provide access control by using encryption or similar methods.

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