Change the license key before installing Windows XP

There are 3 types of licenses :
  • OEM - Only allows you to do a clean install
  • Retail - Allows you to do an upgrade of existing OS
  • Volume - Also known as the corporate version
The license type is contained in the install file X:\i386\setupp.ini :


The 5 first digits of the Pid says what license it is, and the last 3 digits says what license cd-key it accepts.
  • OEM - Pid=82503OEM
  • Retail - Pid=51882335
  • Volume - Pid=51883270
Note it is possible to interchange the license and the cd-key which is required. Ex. one could create retail license accepting OEM keys Pid=51882OEM.

Note that one cannot change an OEM/Retail version to a corporate version by just changing the Pid. There are other differences in the files included and you will still have to activate it with a corporate key.


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