Password recovery utilities for Windows NT

Offline NT Password Editor is a freeware utility that can change the password of the Administrator account. Useful when having lost the password for a machine or just gotten ones hands on a machine where no one knows the password.

Other free utilities that can help you: There also exist utilities one can pay for: There also exists tools for extracting the password hashes (the calculated value based on the password) from the local or a remote system, and tools for turning the calculated value into a password using bruteforce and dictionaries. Related Reset Administrator password


  1. Zach says:

    I think the best method to recover windows password is using windows password recovery software. Burn the .iso file to a blank CD or a USB flash drive or a floppy disk, insert the CD(USB/floppy disk) into the problem computer and your password will be reset to "Blank" without losing any data and you needn't reinstall windows OS.

  2. tree says:


  3. Mark says:

    Yeah Zach if you want to pay for it......what's wrong with all the free versions they advertise for and I see this is an old comment....just came acrossed it

  4. Chris says:

    Most of password recovery utilities above are based on Linux. I prefer to use PCUnlocker, which is based on Windows PE operating system.

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