Slipstream Service pack before installing Windows XP

Slipstreaming makes sure all security patches are applied immediately, so one doesn’t connect to the Internet the first time unprotected. Also slipstreaming saves disk space as the ServicePackFiles folder doesn’t need to be created.

  1. Copy the contents of you WinXP CD-ROM to a new folder on your HDD c:\winxpcd
  2. Download the network installation of the wanted service pack
  3. Create a new folder c:\winxpsp
  4. Run the service pack .exe file with the parameter -x and when it asks where to extract point it to c:\winxpsp

    WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.EXE -x

  • One can also open the service pack .exe file with WinZip and extract the files to c:\winxpsp
    1. Go to the folder c:\winxpsp\i386\update and run:

      UPDATE.EXE /S:c:\winxpcd

Note the difference between WinXP SP1 and WiNXP SP1a is that the Microsoft Java engine has been taken out.

Note when slipstreaming WinXP SP2 on a Win2k machine then one might get a fatal error when running UPDATE.EXE. This can by solved by temporarily renaming c:\winxpsp\i386\update\setupapi.dll (Will force it to use the Win2k setupapi.dll).

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