Category: Tips

Allow viewing of CHM files across the network

Microsoft security update MS05-026 blocks for viewing compressed HTML (CHM) files placed on a network drive.

Open DOS Command Prompt Here

Extend the right-click context-menu of a folder to open a DOS command prompt.

Extract files from a MSI package

The Microsoft Installer (MSI) Package file is a compressed archive, which can be decompressed.

Configure the Task Scheduler Log

How to configure the location and size of the task scheduler log with all its events.

Configure drive letter for the CD-ROM Drive

Assign specific drive letters for removable drives.

Extend Folder Options to include your own tweaks

Folder Options can be extended to easily configure other settings in Windows.

Turn off the beeping from the PC Speaker

Disable the beep from the PC speaker when Windows performs an alert.

Configure low disk space warning in Windows 98/Me

Description of the low disk space warning and how to disable it.

Quick shutdown in Windows 98

How to configure the fast shutdown feature in Windows 98.

Configure Autorun for different drives using policies

How to configure autorun for the different drive types.

Configure cleanup profiles to remove unnecessary files

How to create different profiles for cleaning up the hard disk.

Customize the default registered identity

How to change the name and company registered as owner of the Windows installation.

Configure Mouse Acceleration

Mouse is accelerated when moved in a single movement to make the Windows nagivation easier.

Automatically turn off screensaver when doing defrag

Keep the screensaver from starting when doing file defragmentation.

Pro and cons for using multiple disk partitions

Describes the benefits and the costs of using multiple partitions.

Change path of where Windows looks for wallpapers

Change the default wallpaper folder used when changing the wallpaper in Windows.

Configure the My Computer security zone

Display the My Computer security zone along with the other security zones for configuration.

Command line Parameters for SCANREG

Scanreg command line switches for checking the Windows registry.

Reload the registry by restarting Explorer.exe

How one can reload the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hive without needing a restart.

Using file compare to see changes made to the registry

How to see the registry changes of a certain action by using the file compare utility.

Modify the Windows registry with registry files

How to add and remove registry entries from the Windows registry using .reg files

Make screendump of the desktop using Print Screen

How to use the keyboard key "Print Screen" to make a screen dump.

Defrag command line switches

List of the available command line switches for defrag.

Configure Autorun for the CD-ROM drives in Windows 9x

Configure whether to automatically launch application when inserting a CD or DVD disk.

Scandisk command line switches

List of the available command line switches for scandisk.

Easter egg for Windows 98

Easter egg that allows one to see the names of those behind Windows 98.

Configure the DOS prompt refresh rate within Windows

Increasing the DOS prompt refresh rate to make the display smoother.

Windows Explorer command line switches

Windows Explorer allows one to specify what folder to display when launched.

Microsoft articles with tips for Windows 98

Collection of links to Microsoft articles about how to improve the Windows 98 experience.

Change the color of Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

How to change the color of the BSOD to make it easier to read or just for fun.

Configure the DOS prompt inside Windows 9x

Using a batch file to configure the DOS prompt when starting it from the Windows desktop.

Using DosStart.bat to configure DOS when leaving Windows

Load DOS drivers when leaving Windows, instead of loading them before Windows starts.

Quick restart by holding down the shift-key

How to use the Shift-key on the keyboard to activate faster reboot.