Create shortcut to "Run..." in the Start Menu

It is possible to open the "Run..." dialog by using the keyboard shortcut (Windows-Key+R).
It is also possible to create a normal shortcut with an icon that points to the "Run..." dialog.
  1. Create a text file named Run.js, which contains the following line:

    (new ActiveXObject("Shell.Application")).FileRun();

  2. Right-click Run.js and select "Create shortcut"
  3. Right-click the created shortcut and select "Properties"
  4. Add "WScript.exe " (Without quotes) to the beginning of "Target:"
  5. If wanting to change the icon of the shortcut press "Change Icon" else press "Ok"
Note the same technique can be used to launch the Search dialog:

(new ActiveXObject("Shell.Application")).FindFiles();

Note if using Windows XP, then one can also create the icon by dragging the "Run..." icon from the Start Menu to the Desktop (Doesn't work in Classic Mode).

Credits The Old New Thing


  1. eyesilver says:

    its very useful for me,,,i found it easy when you dont have mouse on your system

  2. Dk47421 says:

    Many thanks for posting this! I have looked everywhere and after nearly an hour of searching found your page. It works great in my desktop organizer TurboLaunch.

  3. Brian Davis says:

    Very useful! I used it to set a shortcut in Logitech SetPoint to create a shortcut to the Run prompt on one of my keyboard's "Enhanced F keys". I use Run all the time, so this is a real convince to me!

  4. vineet says:

    this trick is so cute........
    and i want to this type of trick thru mail id......

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