Change OEM branding of System Properties

It is possible to change some of the text shown on System Properties, which is shown when right clicking My Computer and selecting Properties.

  1. Go to the folder %Windir%\System
  2. Create a new text file and name it OemInfo.ini
  3. Edit the new text file and insert the following lines (Modify them as you wish)


    [Support Information]
    Line1=These lines will be
    Line2=shown when pressing
    Line3=the button “Support Information”

It is also possible to place a nice logo on the System Properties:

  1. Find a good BMP picture in 256 color and make sure it has the right size:
    • Win9x: 96 x 96 pixels (Small fonts), 120 x 120 pixels (Large fonts)
    • Win2k/XP: 172 x 172 pixels
  2. Copy the picture to %Windir%\System and rename it to OemInfo.bmp

Note it is also possible to place the two files in %Windir%\System32 if on a WinNT+ installation.

More Info MS KB216347
More Info MS KB218176
More Info MS KB250609
More Info MS KB314472

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