Configure the My Computer security zone

Internet Explorer supports several security zones, which allows one to restrict the privileges of the web page being viewed. The security zone used for restricting the web page depends on where the web page is located.

  • Internet
  • Local Intranet
  • Trusted sites
  • Restricted sites
  • My Computer

The “My Computer” security zone allows by default the web page and the scripts within the web page to have full access to the computer. The “My Computer” security zone is not shown along with the other zones in the Internet Explorer options, but it can be configured to be shown.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \InternetSettings \Zones \0]
Flags = 1 (Default Decimal = 33)

Note before making any changes to the “My Computer” security zone, then one should make a backup of the registry settings, as the Internet Explorer is tightly integrated with Windows Explorer.

More Info MS KB182569
More Info MS KB315933

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