Creating the Show Desktop shortcut

Active Desktop includes a feature that allows one to minimize all active Windows, so one can easily access the icons on the desktop. The feature is called "Show Desktop" and is accessed through an icon on the Quicklaunch bar.

If missing the "Show Desktop" icon from your Quicklaunch bar, then one can restore / recover / repair / recreate it again by making a TEXT-file with the following contents:


Save the file as "Show Desktop.scf" and then hold down right mouse button while dragging the file into your Quick Launch bar, and do a Copy/Move here.

Note on WinXP/Vista the task bar can be "Locked" (Right click the task-bar to unlock). The Quick Launch-bar cannot be resized when when "Locked", so items might be hidden when having many items in the Quick Launch-bar.

Note to create your own Send-To "Desktop (create shortcut)", create a new text-file and rename it "Desktop (create shortcut).desklink" (Or copy it from the Send To folder for the Default user).

More Info MS KB190355


  1. Neal Capone says:

    Thank you!!! I deleted my "Show Dektop" icon and this worked perfectly to restore it!

  2. Deepak R says:

    Thanks!! I accidentally created my "Show Desktop" and I could create a new one. Though dragging with right mouse button down didn't work for me, it was done with holding the shift key while dragging.

  3. Drew says:

    Worked great.
    No problems, no issues.

  4. popoy says:

    on windows 7
    On a vacuum of the Desktop, click-right, to select New, then Shortened In the place of the element, to copy to stick %SystemRoot% \explorer.exe %APPDATA% \Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Shows Desktop.lnk may click on Following to Type Desktop for the name of the shortcut and to click Finish click-right on the new icon Desktop and to select Properties In the Shortened tab, to click to Change icon In the frame to Look for icons in this file, to copy to stick %SystemRoot% \system32\imageres.dll and to click on OK.
    To select the icon of it Desktop and to validate by OK In the Properties, the new icon appears. To click to Apply The new shortcut Desktop is created.
    Of a click-right on this shortcut , to click to Pin in the Taskbar and we can position it where you want

  5. Martin says:

    hey can I have the same for the
    "Desktop.lnk" file, I stupidly erase it and I don't find way to build a new one.. :/

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