Category: Tips

Configure Windows Search to index file contents

Configure Windows Search index filters to perform indexing of document and spreadsheets using IFilters.

Access special folders easily using the shell command

How to use the shell keyword to quickly access special folders like the Send To folder.

All Tasks can be accessed through a special Control Panel

The All Tasks folder gives a quick overview of all the options available in the Control Panel.

Use NTFS compression to save disk space

NTFS compression can compress / decompress files on the fly and save disk space and minimize needed hard disk I/O

Defrag command line switches

List of the available command line switches for defrag.

Configure the keyboard mapping using scancode map

How to use the scancode map to modify the keyboard layout and disable the Windows-key.

Make screendump of the desktop using Print Screen

How to use the keyboard key "Print Screen" to make a screen dump.