Change OEM branding of the system information applet

When opening the System Information applet then it can display the name and logo of the computer company that manufactured the computer.

It is possible to change or add details to the System Information applet with these registry string settings (REG_SZ):

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \OEMInformation]

  • Logo - Path to the .bmp file of the manufacturer logo ex. “C:\Windows\System32\OemInfo.bmp”. The image dimension should be 120 * 120 pixels or else the image will be scaled to that size.
  • Manufacturer - Name of the manufacturer.
  • Model - Name of the computer model.
  • SupportHours - Hours that support is available from an OEM.
  • SupportPhone - Telephone number(s) for support for an OEM.
  • SupportURL - URL of the support Web site for an OEM.

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