Remove drive-letters for removable drives from Send-To

Windows Vista extends the Send To menu with ability to show the drive-letters of the different removable drives installed (Along with mapped network drives).
  • Floppy Disk Drive (A:)
  • DVD/CD-CW (D:)
To disable the listing of removable drives in the sendto context-menu. Create the following DWORD registry value:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Policies \Explorer]
NoDrivesInSendToMenu = 1 (Default no value)



  1. Sharon Johnson says:

    I want to remove the drives that show in the Right click context menu. Your directions above takes me all the way to the Explorer but then you have NoDrivesInSendToMenu = 1 (Default no value) which isn't showing. Can you tell me how to add this, or where to find it? You're the only one to address this subject. Thank you for any help,

  2. Snakefoot says:

    Sharon Johnson
    Can you tell me how to add this, or where to find it?

    In the registry editor (regedit) you have to create a new DWORD value at the given registry-path with the name NoDrivesInSendToMenu, and give it the value 1. Just right-click in the right-pane to get the option to create new registry values.

  3. KC says:

    This Reg tweak does not work in XP but does work in Vista

  4. Snakefoot says:

    This Reg tweak does not work in XP but does work in Vista

    Well this is why this article is placed in the Vista category :)

    In WinXP you can just delete the removable-drive shortcut in the SendTo-folder of your user-profile.

  5. Sharon Johnson says:

    Hi! Yes, it's me the pest, my last post to you shows it in 2007!
    I'm slow, what can I tell you and I still haven't done what you suggested to get those stupid
    drives off my Send To menu. i'm scared. Ok, I went to regedit, found the path perfectly, RIGHT
    clicked on the right hand pane for Explorer and selected Dword 32 bit. THEN I start shaking. I
    did make a backup of the registry but I was just so scared. I copied and pasted the new entry
    as you had made for me, NoDrivesInSendToMenu = 1 (Default no value)
    but this is my question.. do I include the = 1 (default no value)? Or is there a way to do this
    separately? Please talk to me like a 3rd grader lol, step by step, I don't like messing with the
    registry unless I know exactly what you mean.
    Wow, I'm so glad you have your site still, you're the only person that addresses this annoying
    Thank you,

  6. Snakefoot says:

    Sharon Johnson wrote
    do I include the = 1 (default no value)? Or is there a way to do this

    Create a DWORD value with the name "NoDrivesInSendToMenu" (without the quotes) and give it the value "1" (without the quotes). The "(default no value)" is just to tell that the registry key doesn't exist by default, and if wanting to revert the change, then one should just delete the registry-key again.

  7. Sharon Johnson says:

    Oh Oh oHhHHhhhH! It worked!!! I can't thank you enuf. It's so nice not to have all that added
    garbage loaded in my send to for Right click! Thank you, I know it's hard talking to a person who's
    terrified of her own shadow, but the Registry is something I walk very carefully around.
    Somethings tho that I think is different on my Vista than yours? I went down that same path to get
    to the Explorer, Went to the right side, RIGHT clicked, selected DWORD 32 bit, there ws 64 but Im not
    using that... ok, then I had copied and pasted the NoDrivesInSendToMenu and it was fine. Then I had
    to figure out where to get that value of 1 in there. So I highlighted that NoDrives path then RIGHT clicked
    that panel again but it refused to allow me to click on anything in the Right click menu. It wasn't greyed out but just refused to allow my cursor to connect to the choices. SO, I went and Right clicked the No Drive entry again and it allowed me to put in a Key value I think it said? That is where I put in the 1. I had made a backup of my registry before starting this and so I held my breath and rebooted and it's gone gone gone! thank you for allowing me to bug you for all these years and being so patient with me...

  8. Snakefoot says:

    Sharon Johnson wrote:
    It worked!!! I can’t thank you enuf

    Glad your first adventure in the Windows registry database was a success. Enjoy the summer with your new and improved Vista :)

  9. Sharon Johnson says:

    I truly am going to hang onto your site, which I've obviously done for years, I'm embarrssed to say since I was too chicken to do it, lol. And you hung in there with me and you are the best. I will tell anyone who asks me anything I can't answer to come to you if that's ok with you. I just hope you know that you have made me very happy. Those little annoying things like that just drive me crazy, lol.
    Thank you again,

  10. Chuck Billow says:

    That reg entry removes my listed drives in the SendTo menu -- unless I've right-clicked on something within the Directory Opus (file manager).

    Then it doesn't seem to "take".


  11. Eq says:

    Just to confirm: this also works in Windows 10. It doesn't take effect until you quit and restart Explorer (e.g. through Task Manager, or by rebooting).

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