Configure cleanup profiles to remove unnecessary files

The Clean Up tool was introduced with Win98 to automate the procedure of cleaning up unnecessary temporary files. It is mainly for people who is having a hard time figuring out what they have on their drives. It has been updated in WinMe/2k/XP, where it is possible to setup different Clean Up profiles.

To configure a profile run the following command (Where N is a profile number from 0-65535):

cleanmgr /sageset:N

To run a configured profile number (N) run the following command:

cleanmgr /sagerun:N

This can be used to create a shortcut to clean up Temporary Internet Files, or schedule a weekly cleanup of the Recycle Bin using the Task Scheduler, or if using Windows 2000, XP schedule to Compress old files.

Note Win98/WinMe can also use profiles for configuring defrag and scandisk for scheduling.

Note Win2k/WinXP includes a new feature that Compress old files not used the last ? days, by using NTFS compression (blue files). Even if having this option disabled it might still do “Scanning: Compress old files”, which can be slow and make it hang for a long time (It is also activated when doing a defrag). To disable it by force, delete the following registry keys (Make an export first):

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Explorer \VolumeCaches \Compress old files]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Classes \CLSID \{B50F5260-0C21-11D2-AB56-00A0C9082678}]

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