Turn off the beeping from the PC Speaker

Some applications in Windows can be rather annoying as they sometimes generates beeps in the PC Speaker for every action they make. It is very noticeable when using a mobile computer where the PC speaker is right in your face. One can disable this beeping through the registry:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Control Panel \Sound]
Beep = “No” (Enabled = “Yes”)

Note if using Win2k/WinXP then one can also use the Device manager to disable the Non-Plug and Play Driver called Beep (Hidden Device).

Note to configure the sounds played by your soundcard use the Control Panel and open the following applet:

  • Sounds (Win95/98)
  • Sounds and Multimedia (WinMe)
  • Sound Schemes (WinNT4)
  • Sounds and multimedia (Win2k)
  • Sounds and Audio Devices (WinXP)