Category: Troubleshoot

Copying files when the DVD or CD is scratched

When the media is filled with bad sectors, then one can still try to recover the good bits.

No boot device found or available

Computer cannot start if no proper boot device exists, or if the active boot device fails.

Program startup order in Windows 9x

Description of where and in what order programs are loaded at startup.

Rebuild icon cache to fix incorrectly displayed icons

The icon cache can become corrupted and lead to icons being garbled.

Manually remove programs from the Add/Remove list

How to manually uninstall an application and remove it from the Add/Remove list.

Exclude file from System Restore in Windows Me

How to exclude a file so System Restore doesn't monitor the file or perform backup.

Using the System Restore in Windows Me

Details of how System Restore works in Windows Me and how to configure it.

Retrieve a lost CD-Key from the registry

Where to find the cd-key for the current Windows install.

Use extract.exe to restore a system file

How use the extract utility for restoring a file from the Windows install CD.

Using the System File Protection in Windows Me

System File Protection makes sure that critical system files are not overwritten.

Improve system stability by removing ghost devices

Description of ghost devices and how they can be removed in safemode.

Checkpoints for fixing a bad or corrupt BIOS flash

Description of different alternative ways for recovering from a bad BIOS flash.

Checkpoints for fixing no BIOS POST

Steps for fixing a computer which cannot perform BIOS POST.

Checkpoints for fixing hardware conflicts

Steps for finding what hardware devices that is causing problems.

Configure Windows 9x to handle more than 1 GB RAM

Make it possible to run Windows 9x with 1 GByte RAM (or more).

Setup switches for Windows 9x installation

Useful command line switches that can be used when installing Windows 95 / 98 / Me.

Fix a non-working Windows Update

Possible steps for repairing Windows Update

System file protection notifications in Windows Me

Display popup when System File Protection in Windows Me is activated.

Unplug hardware if Windows fails to install properly

Troubleshooting what is causing Windows not to install properly.

Force Windows 9x to redetect all hardware

Make Windows 9x redetect all hardware in case one is migrating to a new computer.

Bypass the loading of programs at Windows startup

Holding down the SHIFT key during Windows startup will stop applications from loading.

Running Scandisk in Windows Me after improper shutdown

Windows Me will perform a scandisk after an improper shutdown when Windows has started up.

Configure the amount of spare stack pages

Increasing the amount of spare stack pages to handle stack overflow by bad drivers.

Change the source path for the install files in Windows 9x

Configure the path to the location of the install files whether on CD-ROM or HDD.

Configure Windows 9x startup with Msdos.sys

List of the different settings available in Msdos.sys.

Configure timeout for application termination

Change when an application is considered as deadlocked and should be terminated.