Setup switches for Windows 9x installation

Some of the more exciting command line switches:

  • /NTLDR disables detection of existing Windows (Allows to install Windows Retail on top of an existing install)
  • /nm allows to install Windows ignoring hardware demand (Ex. 486).
  • /im allows to install Windows ignoring memory demand.
  • /p If needing several /p options then separate them with semicolon ex. setup /p j;g=3
    • /p f only works with Windows 95 (Not 98, Me). It makes it possible to repair, by reinstalling on top of the existing one, as it forces it to redetect all hardware again. (One have to run the setup from MS-DOS)
    • /p i forces Windows NOT to use ACPI/PnP (Useful if having an older PnP BIOS not supported by Windows and have trouble installing or running Windows)
    • /p j forces Windows to use ACPI/PnP (Useful if having a newer ACPI BIOS not recognized by Windows 98 Machines.inf)
    • /p g=3 makes the setup give more verbose debug information. Good when having problems with installing and one need to identify the problem area.

More Info MS KB128400
More Info MS KB186111