No boot device found or available

When the computer starts then it tries to figure out which device to boot from (Hard-disk, cdrom, dvd, usb, flash, floppy, etc.). If no device is found or if a faulty boot device is used, then one of the following messages can be shown:

Invalid boot device

No boot device found

No boot device available

Unable to find boot device. Select proper boot device or insert boot media

BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

There can be different causes for this problem:
  • Disk a have been left in a removable drive:
    Usually caused by having inserted a disk in the floppy drive or the CD-ROM drive or attaching an USB flash drive. Just remove the disk from the drive, and it should be solved. More Info MS KB812492
  • Trying to boot from a hard disk that is no longer recognized as boot device:
    One should verify that hard disk cables are properly attached and that the hard disk is being detected properly by the system.
    If having added a new hard disk, then one should make sure that the disk controller doesn't attempt to boot from the new hard disk.
    If having reset the motherboard BIOS configuration, then one should check that the primary boot device is configured properly.
  • Boot partition is not active partition:
    If having been working with partition tools (Like Disk Management or Fdisk), then one might have removed the Active Partition setting from the boot partition. More Info MS KB315261
  • Trying to boot from a CD / DVD to install the operating system:
    Just like when booting from a hard disk, then one must ensure that the motherboard BIOS actually recognizes the CD / DVD-drive. If not then check the power- and data-cables to the CD / DVD drive.

    If the motherboard BIOS recognizes the CD / DVD drive, then one must configure the boot device priority in the motherboard BIOS so the CD / DVD drive has the highest priority. This will ensure that it will not try to boot from other devices before booting from the CD / DVD drive.
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  1. Al Barrs says:

    I need to Start the Windows Recovery Console to reattach my Primary Hard Drive in Wink2 pc from DOS screen. Your article states to insert the "Windows Startup CD-ROM." I have all, I think, of the original disks that came from Dell with my Latitude CPt laptop, but I can't determine on which is located the 'Windows Startup' data. Do you have any Idea which of the disks this is on? Thanks, Al

  2. Snakefoot says:

    Al Barrs
    I need to Start the Windows Recovery Console. I have all, I think, of the original disks that came from Dell with my Latitude CPt laptop. Do you have any Idea which of the disks this is on? Thanks, Al

    Sorry I have no experience with Dell laptops or any other laptops. I recommend you find a forum or support site for Dell laptops.


  3. J.R. says:

    I have a Dell pentium 4. A guy formatted the hard drive removing both partitions. I cannot get the computer to reinstall XP. I have tried to boot up to the internal dvd drive & an a external cd drive. I still get the drive manager missing error. I tried a new Dell reinstall operating system disc & a new Microsoft Windows XP disc. Same error message. It appears to be reading the disc but won't reinstall. Could the hard drive be bad? J.R.

  4. Miklos says:

    I have the same problem with HP Pavilion 491.
    Boot miniXP from CD and see with a program, what kind of IDE Controller you have.
    After that you can start XP install from original disk, and press F6 when it is needed.
    Put your floppy with the Controller driver in, install and after you can continue.
    My problem is, that I need SIS 5513 Controller. I have all of the sys files, but no txtsetup.oem

  5. emmanuel says:

    i am also have the same bootmgr problem with windows 7.i tried installing the operating system again but the problem do i restore the bootmgr?

  6. Steve says:

    You can repair the bootmgr by performing the startup recovery 3 times using the vista/windows 7 install disk after the third attempt at startup recovery, vista/windows 7 will replace the bootmgr and you should be good to go.

  7. donna says:

    You need to get a fill file for the hard drive from Dell. Dell is specific to Dell and you cannot just reformat and expect to be able to reinstall a windows program. You may be able to call Dell and see if they can tell you where for find the file you need to fill the drive with 0s so you can reinstall Windows. The file will have to come from Dell because it will have Dell information imbeded into the file. Good Luck

  8. sumanth says:

    when i going to boot a desktop it is showing boot manager is missing
    press ctrl+alt+del.
    plz send a soultion

  9. caroline says:

    i have a toshiba preinstalled nb200 .
    by accident i started the reboot process my batt went and when i turned my laptop on the message "bootmgr is missing press ctrl+alt+del.
    my nb dosnt have a disk drive as its pre installed. i really Don.'t want to loose my pics of my daughter. can anyone show Me a way to fix without loosing my data
    much appreciated

  10. Roger says:

    I have the same problem "no boot device" and I have no connection to C: drive....And I canĀ“t find the DVD drive...

  11. chris odare says:

    i have a zoostorm freedom notebook, i turned it on, and the words no bootable device do i fix, plz

  12. Deb says:

    Windows 7 desktop keeps telling me to Ctrl Alt Delete to Reboot computer. its not working! Boot MNGR MISSING page KEEPS POPPING UP AND IT WONT LET ME DO ANYTHING ITS STUCK ON THIS PAGE. NOW WHAT ?

  13. Ashok says:

    If still you are not able to sort it out. Please do the following,
    Just un-plug the power cord, and open CPU cabinet, and remove all cables --> clean dust --> and fix all the cables as it is. Now, you try it will work out. COOL..

  14. Doncool says:

    I have a pavilion dv6000 and I cant access the internal CD drive and I plug in external it did not recognise as well. I have gone to bios to check, but I found noting relating in resolving that. I have even click on default setting thinking it will resolve this but not yet. Someone to please help me. Thanks

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