Restore boot manager when NTLDR is missing

The NT Loader (NTLDR) is part of the Windows NT boot files. If the NTLDR becomes corrupted, then Windows NT will fail to boot and give messages like:

*NTLDR is missing

Boot: Couldn’t find NTLDR. Please insert another disk.*

Usually this problem can be solved by checking the boot devices. If no problems found then one can try to restore the boot manager files in case they have become damaged:

If using Windows 2000/XP then one can restore the boot files using the Recovery Console, and copy the NtLdr and (NOT Boot.ini) from the Windows 2000/XP install CD to the boot partition. And if using Windows XP then one can try to rebuild the boot.ini file using the recovery console command “bootcfg /rebuild”. More Info MS KB318728

If using Windows NT4/2000/XP then one can create a custom bootable floppy containing the boot files. Where the Boot.ini points to the boot partition, so when booting from the floppy it will load Windows NT from the boot partition and allow one to repair the boot files within Windows NT. More Info MS KB119467

Note the chance of damaged boot files is higher if the boot partition is using FAT16/FAT32, where the filesystem is easily damaged compared to NTFS. If using NTFS, then it can be a sign that the hard disk is starting to fail, and one should take a backup of important files and acquire a disk diagnostic utility from the hard disk manufacture.

More Info MS KB100312
More Info MS KB124550
More Info MS KB320397

Note if the NT Loader (Ntldr) have become compressed, then it will fail because all features of NTFS is not available during booting and give the error “NTLDR is compressed”. To decompress the Ntldr use the Recovery Console and execute these two commands: