Updating the Windows NT boot manager

Windows XP has its bootup sequence optimized compared to Windows 2000. One can take the files for the Windows XP boot manager and apply them to Windows 2000.

The WinXP Boot Manager consists of two files that one should copy to the root of the Windows 2000 boot-partition:
  • NTLDR (NT Loader)
    • Switches to 32-bit memory
    • Starts mini-file system
    • Reads BOOT.INI and present selection
    • Starts NTDETECT
    • Starts NTOSKRNL
    • Loads Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), registry hives and drivers
    • Scans hardware
    • Returns hardware list back to NTLDR
More Info MS KB100323


  1. thebomb says:

    what are the directions for applying this?

  2. snakefoot says:

    what are the directions for applying this?

    Besides making a backup, then just extract the files into the root of your system drive overwritting the existing files.

  3. tuco says:

    For some reason prior to the install of the Bootfiles I un checked the box "hide protected operating system files", when i checked the box to hide them after the install, the ntldr is still shown and the others.
    I also tried doing it thru properties on each and selected hidden there but all that did was make it less vivid.
    Do you know how to make them hidden again


  4. snakefoot says:

    Do you know how to make them hidden again

    Have you tried to set the file attributes to Hidden ? (Right-click the file and mark the checkbox labelled hidden on the General-fan)

  5. cecilia says:

    am able to down load a boot manger compressed from internet on a cd and run on my compter.or do i need to down load it on a usb to run a restore point ,need to no how to turn on my boot manager on because it has been disabled and dont no how it happened so now i am not able to boot my compter four on line windows ty

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