Category: Tweak Performance

Description of the hard disk cache

The hard disk performance is very dependent on the configuration of the disk cache.

Using smart drive for faster boot time

Optimize the boot time of Windows by using the DOS disk cache until the Windows disk cache takes over.

Configure monitoring of application startup

Save resources by disabling the Task Monitor and avoid the logging of every application startup.

Disable the page file to avoid using the slow HDD

Disabling the page file to prevent Windows from unloading memory to the hard disk.

Diagnose performance issues with IDE ATA hard disk

Description of different causes and solutions to hard disk performance problems.

Configure the read-ahead cache for cdrom/dvd drives

How to increase the size of the read ahead cache used for cdrom and dvd drives.

Disable the automatic updating of file access time

Lower the disk activity by disabling the updating of when a file was last accessed.

Disable power management features to maximize power usage

Power Management support is not supported very well by Windows 9x and should be disabled.

Increase the priority of the foreground application

How to give the foreground application higher priority, so it will not be disturbed by background processes.

Improve 16 bit DMA transfers by increasing DMA buffer size

How to configure the size of the pre-allocated DMA buffer for use by 16 bit applications.

The infamous VMM32.VXD tweak

VMM32.VXD is an archive of VXD files, and some have reported improved speed by extracting the VXD files.

Defrag hard disk partitions to speed up file operations

List of steps to perform before starting a file defragmentation on a hard disk partition.

Configure conservative swap file usage

How to configure the page algorithm, so it will not perform paging when the system is idle.

Configure the file allocation unit to minimize file fragmentation.

How to configure the size of continuous space it will look for when performing file allocation.

Configure the asynchronous disk access buffer

How to increase the size of the page buffer to hold more memory pages when doing disk access.

Stop Setver.exe from loading automatically into memory

How to block Setver.exe from loading to save conventional memory.

Reserve the upper memory block to free conventional memory

How to reserve the upper memory block and load the dos enviroment in high memory to free conventional memory.

Configure the disk cache to improve disk performance

How to configure the disk cache for faster file operations.

Configure the name cache for faster file lookup

How to change the role of the computer to be "Network Server".

Configure IDE ATA hard disk to use DMA transfer

How to configure Windows 9x to use DMA for IDE ATA hard drives.

Manage temporary files to minimize file fragmentation

How temporary files cause file fragmentation and different RAM disk options.

Configure the page file for best performance

Finding the the optimal size and location for the Windows swap file.

Apply the DirextX runtime installer after updating drivers

Update the DirectX runtime after installing new drivers to prevent conflicts.

Configure what fonts to load in memory

Uninstall unneeded fonts to speed up boot times and free memory.

Disable visual effects to make the desktop faster

Speed up the Windows experience by disabling unneeded visual effects.

Update hardware drivers and firmware to improve stability

Description of how the drivers and firmware for the computer hardware should be updated to get the best performance.

Update Windows to improve security and fix errors

Description of how Microsoft Windows requires constant updating to get the best performance.

Configure the cluster size of the hard disk partition

How to change the cluster size of a partition with description of the different filesystems and their limitations.