Configure the read-ahead cache for cdrom/dvd drives

If you feel that you need more cache than what is recommended for a 4x CDROM then you should try this.

This is done in the registry with the following values :

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \System \CurrentControlSet \control \FileSystem \CDFS]
CacheSize = 619 (The Default)
Prefetch = 228 (The Default for for 4x)

  • CacheSize - The amount of 2 KByte pages used for caching
  • Prefetch - The read ahead buffer which is depending on drive speed

It is possible that the values can be saved in both DWORD and BINARY, you keep the value-type which you have already when setting these values:

CacheSize Memory DecimalBinary DWORD
Default 1238 KB619 6b,02,00,00 0000026b
Medium 2476 KB1238 d6,04,00,00 000004d6
Large 4952 KB2476 ac,09.00,00 000009ac
Prefetch Decimal Binary DWORD
4x (Default) 228 e4,00,00,00 000000e4
8x 448 c0,01,00,00 000001c0
16x 896 80,03,00,00 00000380
32X 1792 00,07,00,00 00000700