Configure the disk cache to improve disk performance

To avoid accessing the HDD every time to read a file, it caches the most used files or at least the most used parts of the file. The RAM allocated for disk cache cannot be used by applications, so if having a limited amount of RAM one should consider the amount of memory used for disk caching.

Edit the file C:\Windows\System.ini and find the section [vcache] and write the following:

MaxFileCache = 8192
MinFileCache = 1024
ChunkSize = 512

The above values means that it will take 8192 KByte of your memory to use for the virtual disk cache. The memory will be allocated in chunks of 512 KByte.

One can use the following table to find a suitable value: <table border="1" cellpadding="5"><tr><th>Installed RAM</th> <th>MaxFileCache</th> <th>MinFileCache</th> <th>ChunkSize</th></tr><tr><td>32 Mbyte</td> <td>2048</td> <td>1024</td> <td>512</td></tr><tr><td>64 Mbyte</td> <td>4096</td> <td>1024</td> <td>512</td></tr><tr><td>128 Mbyte</td> <td>8192</td> <td>1024</td> <td>512</td></tr><tr><td>256+ Mbyte</td> <td>32768</td> <td>4096</td> <td>1024</td></tr></table>

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