Update Windows to improve security and fix errors

Microsoft is not only famous for making software, Microsoft is also famous for making a lot of patches and updates. There are different types of updates:

  • Security/Critical Updates: These updates are important and should be applied as quickly as possible. The updates usually closes holes that could allow unauthorized people to get access to your computer.
  • BugFix Updates: These updates are made for correcting some of the strange behavior Windows has. They are usually only released to the public through Service Packs.
  • Recommended Updates: These updates usually add new features to the existing components or add completely new components. They are usually followed by some Security- and BugFix-Updates.

Microsoft has made it easy to keep Windows updated by using their Internet service Windows Update. If not connected to the Internet, then one have to use another computer to download the updates and then copy them to the disconnected computer.

Microsoft Windows is a very complicated piece of software, and since the expense of finding all bugs before a release is quite high (and quite impossible), then Microsoft (and other software companies) releases their software when it is functional even though it has known bugs.

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