Category: Tips

Encrypted backup to OneDrive or DropBox

Create removable encrypted hard-disk-image, and use that for Windows Backup.

Facebook chat password for external application

Facebook chat with two step verification requires a password and then a login token. This is not supported by most application, as they will only use the password. The solution is to configure the chat application to use an app... Continue Reading →

Use process affinity to lock application to a single core

Applications optimized to run on single CPU systems, will perform worse on multi CPU systems.

Disable the MSDOS and Win16 subsystem

For security measures then one should consider disabling the ability to launch the 16 bit subsystem.

Activate ACHI to enable Native Command Queuing

Native Command Queuing (NCQ) can improve hard disk performance, as it optimizes the order to execute read and write commands.

Troubleshoot problems with entering sleep mode

Diagnose what is preventing your computer from entering sleep mode, or wakes it prematurely.

Perform clean install using Windows 7 upgrade

Install Windows 7 using only the upgrade DVD without needing to install it twice.

All Tasks can be accessed through a special Control Panel

The All Tasks folder gives a quick overview of all the options available in the Control Panel.

Defrag command line switches

List of the available command line switches for defrag.

Make screendump of the desktop using Print Screen

How to use the keyboard key "Print Screen" to make a screen dump.