Enable Driver Verifier to troubleshoot faulty driver

The Driver Verifier Manager is a tool created by Microsoft to diagnostic installed drivers, and is used by Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). The tool tests how drivers handles certain "extreme" situations with limited resources (Ex. low memory) or failing function calls.

The tool is mainly for driver developers to help them test their own driver before it is actually released. It is possible for the average user to use this tool, but one should make sure to have created a backup of important documents first before doing this. This precaution is necessary because ex. stress testing the disk-drivers can lead to data-loss.
  • Before starting make sure to make a backup of the system registry, so one can rollback the system if the driver verifier makes a driver fails so the system is unable to boot properly:
  • Start the Driver Verifier Manager with this command:


  • Configure what drivers to verify (Don't verify all drivers as it will become painfully slow):
    • Win2k: Select Settings-tab to configure what drivers to verify
    • WinXP: Select Create standard settings to choose what type of drivers to verify
  • Reboot and if any problems a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) will appear showing the problem driver
  • Turnoff the Driver Verifier with this command:

    Verifier.exe /reset

More Info MS KB244617
More Info MS KB251233
More Info MS KB325672 (Careful with Norton Antivirus)
More Info Windows Hardware and Driver Central: Driver Verifier

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  1. Neil says:

    NOTE: As stated in the article

    1) make a registry backup first before using verifier.

    2) wait 30 min before logging in - ctl-alt-del to log in writes current reg to last known good.

    YOU NEED A RECOVERY STRATEGY TO GET BACK TO YOUR ORIGINAL REGISTRY! Trust me on this, it's painful to find out. Alos, turning verifier on increased the size of my registry hive beyond the limit.

  2. snakefoot says:


    Thank you for pointing out the lack of emphasis on how to recover the system after the Driver Verifier have identified a faulty driver that causes BSOD.

    Have now updated the tip, with more details about creating a registry backup before using the Driver Verifier.

  3. MAMu says:

    what a site this could help many users to over take the BOSd thanks for posting

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