Using Recovery Console to restore registry files

The Recovery Console allows one to copy and move files. It can be useful in the situation where the registry files have become faulty, making it impossible to boot Windows normally.

The active machine registry files are placed here:


The active user registry file is placed here:

%SystemRoot%\Profiles\<Username>\Ntuser.dat (WinNT4)
C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\Ntuser.dat (Win2k/WinXP)

The initial registry files are placed here (Created at install):


If having used Ntbackup to create a System State backup, then a copy of the registry files will be placed in the following directory:

  • Win2k (Also happens when creating a Emergency Recovery Disk):


    More Info MS KB231777

  • WinXP:


If using WinNT4/Win2k then one can find a recent backup of the System-registry here:


More Info MS KB151247

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