Investigating the new Vista networking features

29 November 2007 by Snakefoot | No Comments » | Trackback Off
Windows Vista includes support of several new network features if they are available on the network interface card (also possible with Win2k3 SP2). One of the new features is the Receive-side Scaling (RSS), which actually solves the issue of MMCSS needing to throttle network traffic, as it offloads the handling of interrupts and DPC to other CPU cores. Though one cannot use RSS if using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

Scratching the surface of the Vista boot manager

30 October 2007 by Snakefoot | No Comments » | Trackback Off
Seems a lot of people like to save hard-disk space using NTFS compression, but accidently also compresses the boot manager files so it fails to boot.

Have added some articles about the Vista Boot Manager and system recovery:

Upgraded bbPress forum and enhanced blog search

5 October 2007 by Snakefoot | No Comments » | Trackback Off
Have now upgraded the bbPress forum to ver. 0.83, eventhough it is marked as an update to be compatible with Wordpress 2.3 then it still works fine with WP 2.0.

Have also modified the Wordpress blog search, so now it displays the categories which contains matching posts (This is also used when showing posts with a certain tag). Instead of showing the categories at the top of the search result, then I'm considering to move the relevant category listing into the sidebar.

Added the following articles:

Adding tagging support

22 September 2007 by Snakefoot | No Comments » | Trackback Off
Wordpress 2.3 is about to be released and introduces new features, and I have (like many) been looking forward to the new flexible taxonomy system, which should properly handle post-categories, link-categories and tags all together. Therefore I made a test upgrade to see if I had to make any changes to adapt my WP 2.0 blog to the new WP 2.3.

The conversion went a little screwy and it had to be restarted, where it then complained about duplicate taxonomy terms, but then completed. All my category-ids changed around, so the category specific templates had to be renamed, but I also discovered that all my sub-categories had been renamed. Instead of having multiple "File-Sharing" sub-categories, then I had "File-Sharing", "File-Sharing-2", "File-Sharing-3" etc.

There is apparently a limitation in the new flexible taxonomy system, so it cannot handle duplicate slugs within the same taxonomy (Though it can handle a link-taxonomy "News" and a post-taxonomy "News"). Ticket #5034.

It would require a rather large coding effort to get the new taxonomy system right (and it would change the API), so I have feeling that I will not be upgrading to WP 2.3 any time soon. Luckily the WP 2.0 is still kept alive and updated with security patches, so I will not have to change blog-platform right away.

I have now instead installed the Wordpress plugin Jerome’s keywords so my website can feel some of that tag-happiness. To test the new tags I have added two articles:

Site was suspended because of copyright infringement

6 September 2007 by Snakefoot | No Comments » | Trackback Off
Yesterday this website was taken down because it was accused of hosting files, which violated copyright restrictions. The program that triggered this situation was TweakNT, which allows one to change a Workstation-edition of Windows into a Server-edition.

Dritte haben uns mitgeteilt, dass auf Ihrem Server unautorisiertes Angebot zum Download vorgehalten wird. In dem Angebot sind Dateien enthalten, welche die Urheberrechte Dritter verletzen.

I was told by my host provider that I should remove all files (not just TweakNT) which could violate any copyrights. Since I like my host provider (cheap and good support), then I have decided to move all binary files to a different host. Hopefully this will keep the website from being closed down again in case of copyright charges.

Have added the following articles to celebrate the website being activated again: