Fighting with Vista on a small system partition

I changed from Windows 2000 to Vista some time ago, and low and behold Vista uses a wee bit more disk space. Sadly enough the system partition is only 15 GByte, so it is a “daily” struggle to keep disk usage down (Especially when SP1 had to be installed). Right now there is 2 GByte available free space, after installing all my usual applications, this lead me down the futile road of trying to minimize the size of the Windows install.

Note AVG is frequently nagging about upgrading to version 8.0, and the new AVG version introduces a Link Scanner plugin. The Link Scanner will be installed even if selecting not to install it. The Link Scanner will make hooks into you web-browser, and be activated whenever a link is clicked or a search result is displayed. If not interested in having this babysitter around, then one can uninstall it with this command-line (Better than disabling as it will prevent the warning about an AVG component not running):

avg_free_stf_*.exe /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSurf /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSearch