Category: Troubleshoot

Troubleshoot problems with entering sleep mode

Diagnose what is preventing your computer from entering sleep mode, or wakes it prematurely.

Copying files when the DVD or CD is scratched

When the media is filled with bad sectors, then one can still try to recover the good bits.

Analyze boot time performance on Vista

Windows Vista will automatically optimize the boot times, but there can be situations where the boot times remains very slow.

Creating a bootable USB stick

How to make a DOS bootdisk on a USB pen drive.

Configuration of the boot manager entries

Description of the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) used to store the configuration of the boot manager.

Restore boot manager when it is missing or compressed

Windows Vista will fail to boot if it cannot find the files used to load the boot manager.

Windows Recovery Environment

Windows Vista includes a Windows Preinstallation Environment, which allows easier and more advanced system recovery.

No boot device found or available

Computer cannot start if no proper boot device exists, or if the active boot device fails.

Perform clean install using Windows Vista upgrade

Installing Windows Vista without needing to install an older version of Windows first.

Extend Windows Vista activation period

Windows Vista Software Licensing Manager makes it possible to extend the period before activation is needed.

Installing NTBackup in Windows Vista / 2008

Windows Vista / 2008 does not include the NtBackup utility by default.

Open Command Prompt during the install phase

It is possible to open a command prompt during the GUI part of the Windows install.

Rebuild icon cache to fix incorrectly displayed icons

The icon cache can become corrupted and lead to icons being garbled.

Uninstall ghost devices or services using the Device Manager

Description of ghost devices and how they can be removed in safemode.

Control disk check at boot after incorrect shutdown

Windows NT will perform a chkdsk at boot time after an improper shutdown.

Configure and troubleshoot Windows Management Instrumentation

Description of how to repair the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) repository.

Configure and troubleshoot Distributed Transaction Coordinator

How to reset the transaction log for the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) and reinstall MSDTC.