Category: Command Prompt

Changing the font of the command prompt

How to use a different font in the command prompt than Lucida Console and Raster Fonts.

Use environment variables for user input in Windows NT

Allow user interaction in command prompt scripts using environment variables.

Windows Command Prompt Reference

The command prompt can be used to configure almost anything, and be used to create advanced batch jobs for trivial tasks.

Run commands automatically at command prompt start

Execute commands when opening the command prompt to configure the command prompt or the environment.

Change look of the command prompt in Windows NT

Description of how to extend the default command prompt to include more information than just the current directory.

Configuring environment variables in Windows NT

Description of the different types of environment variables in the Windows NT system.

Change keyboard codepage

How to change the codepage for the command prompt.

Open Command Prompt Here

Extend the right-click context-menu of a folder to open a command prompt.

Using function keys to enhance the command prompt

The command prompt allows one to use shortcut keys for easier navigation.

File and directory completion with keyboard shortcut

How to assign keyboard shortcut to file and directory completion in command prompt.

Change the color of the command prompt

How to change the text color and background color in the command prompt.

MSDOS subsystem and Autoexec.nt / Config.nt

How to configure the MS-DOS subsystem using Autoexec.nt and Config.nt.