Category: Outlook

Fix the automatic email notification in Outlook

Possible solutions when Outlook doesn't recieve instant email notifications from the Exchange server.

Advanced Security for Outlook

Utility that extends the confirmation dialog shown when an addon wants to use Outlook, with more details about the addon.

Backup and restore the Outlook Personal Folders file (PST)

Outlook stores the addresses and emails in a PST file, which one can backup and restore.

Enable dumpster in Outlook to recover deleted messages

When deleting a mail in Outlook, then it can still be restored through the Exchange server.

Outlook safemode command line switch

Starting Outlook in safemode can be useful when troubleshooting Outlook.

Minimize Outlook XP to systray instead of using taskbar

Outlook can be minimized to the system tray so it will not be filling up on the taskbar.