Install the deprecated NetBEUI protocol

Microsoft has stopped the support for the NetBEUI (NetBIOS Extended User Interface) protocol with the release of Windows XP / 2003. Though you can still find the needed files (Nbf.sys & Netnbf.inf) on your WinXP CD-ROM (DriveLetter-X):


To install the protocol on WinXP/Win2k3 from the WinXP Install CD:

  1. Copy the file Nbf.sys to the folder %Systemroot%\System32
  2. Copy the file Netnbf.inf to the folder %Systemroot%\Inf (Hidden folder)
  3. Click Start, Click Control Panel and double-click Network Connections
  4. Right click the connection, where NetBEUI should be used, and then click Properties
  5. On the General tab, click Install
  6. Click Protocol, and click Add
  7. Select the NetBEUI Protocol and then click Ok

Note some users has trouble with occasional “Network not available” when using the NetBEUI supplied with WinXP. They had better success using NETNBF.INF and NBF.SYS from a Win2k CD-ROM (Maybe the fact that they reinstalled the protocol is the clue).

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