Display detected network errors in connection status

In the Connection Status dialog box on the general tab it is possible to see how many errors (Retransmissions) it has detected. This can be useful if lacking proper network monitoring tools.

To enable this error counting one have to create this DWORD key in the registry :

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet \Control \Network \Connections \StatMon]
ShowLanErrors=1 (Disabled = 0, Enabled = 1, Default = 0)

Note due to a bug the display of errors is placed a little odd in the dialog box.

Note the Status dialog box also shows the amount of data received and sent, though sometimes it is shown in packets and other times it is shown in bytes. This behavior is caused by the drivers used for the network adapter or dialup-modem. If on a Ethernet LAN, then one have the possibility to see how much data(in bytes) that has been sent and received by opening a cmd-prompt and execute this command:

netstat -e

Credits Marshall University Win2k Project