Remove Windows Me real mode DOS limitation

Windows Me blocks access to real mode DOS, which for some can be a limitation they cannot live with.

These utilities makes it possible to patch the boot files to allow booting into real mode DOS: Note if just needing access to DOS a short moment one can just create a Windows Me startup disk.


  1. MS says:

    REAL DOS 8.00 capable of starting from HDD *without* any modifications to its files (io.sys, msdos.sys, is placed on Windows Me OEM
    CD inside X:\tools\nettools\fac\ltools.dta file, which is CAB file
    with changed extension, that can be extracted by any CAB extractor,
    including Windows extract.exe. X is CD drive letter. These three files are
    slightly different than other instances of themselves in Windows Me, but they
    works good as supplementary REAL DOS to Windows Me and they can boot to DOS from separate primary HDD partition. This REAL DOS works *as is* without any patches, etc…

    • Jorge Carvalho says:

      Hello Sir! After 10 years looking for a simple solution to this problem thanks to you I found it and tried. Many many thanks!!!!

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